Study in U.K

The UK is also a topographically diverse country, and you will find the rolling moors of Yorkshire, the lakes and mountains of the Lake District and Scotland, the forests of Nottinghamshire and the stunning beaches of Wales. All this, as well as genteel villages with lovely, old-world cottages and cities that are vibrant and modern,The UK has something to offer everyone.

Quiet close to London are the university cities of Oxford and Cambridge, with their elegant architecture, and Windsor, home to the Queen's famous castle residence.

The British landscape can be divided roughly into two kinds of terrain-highland and lowland. The mountainous regions of Scotland, Northern Ireland, northern England and North Wales are the highland area, with the lowlands being the English Lake District in the northwest. The area is broken up by sandstone and limestone hills, long valleys and basins such as the Wash on the east coast. The North and South Downs, in the southeast, culminate in the White Cliffs of Dover.

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